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On Pitch Speech Coaching WITH CATHY MOTLEY - FITCH

On Pitch
Speech Coaching

Creating powerful voices that engage, inspire, and persuade

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On Pitch Speech Coaching provides training and workshops to help individuals develop a powerful speaking presence that enables them to engage, inspire and persuade.


As a speech coach, Cathy Motley-Fitch works personally with established and emerging leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs, performers, and change agents to develop their voice and presence in a way that aligns with their message.

On Pitch Speech Coaching WITH CATHY MOTLEY - FITCH

Cathy uncovers blind spots and releases blocks to enable people to communicate with power and ease. By helping people develop vocal awareness, vocal empowerment, and vocal technique, Cathy gives them ways to tell engaging stories and control over how their message is perceived.

On Pitch Speech Coaching

Does this

Sound like you?

  • You lack the confidence to speak up… or you sometimes appear arrogant or too bold

  • You shy away from being on camera or on stage… or you do a lot of presentations but you feel they could land better

  • ​People tell you you have a soft voice or are too quiet

  • People speak over you in meetings

  • Your voice does not match your feelings

  • You have a hard time connecting with others after an initial introduction

  • You want a more DYNAMIC PRESENCE on camera, on stage or in person

  • You’d like a more AUTHORITATIVE VOICE that captures people’s attention

  • You’d like to be able to use your voice as a tool to COMMUNICATE MORE EFFECTIVELY

On Pitch Speech Coach

On Pitch clients share these goals:

  • You would like to be able to ENGAGE people on camera and in real life

  • You want to be RECOGNIZED as a leader

  • You want to CONNECT with colleagues and teams

  • You want to ADVANCE your career to the next level

  • You want to MOTIVATE your team or a broader audience to action

  • You want to become a SOUGHT AFTER SPEAKER - one who is remembered and requested

On Pitch speech coaching helps emerging and established leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers to develop a powerful speaking presence, enabling them to engage, inspire and persuade. Cathy works with individuals and groups, in-person and online.

What you will learn from working with

On Pitch

  • Develop a signature, authentic voice and sound 

  • Improve your vocal projection, tone, rhythm, inflection, volume and pacing

  • Carry yourself in a way that enhances your message 

  • Tell engaging stories

  • Feel in control of how people perceive you

  • Match your voice to your message

  • Become a dynamic speaker, regardless of the setting or platform

On Pitch Speech Coaching

The result is an unwavering confidence in front of colleagues, clients, and audiences of all sizes. You begin to use your voice more effectively. Your newly energized presence becomes unforgettable and your voice and presence line up with your message.

On Pitch Voice Coaching

Your voice is the essence of you. When you work with Cathy, you will receive tools to assure your voice will always perform the way you need it to, control how others perceive you, and effectively market yourself to invite positivity and success both professionally and personally, everyday.

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On Pitch Speech Coaching Cathy Motley Fitch
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