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Voice Coaching For Performers

Performers who work with me develop into the best version of themselves and have gone on to appear on Broadway, in movies, on television, on cruise ships, in theaters, at theme parks and have found success in voice competitions, such as The Voice and American Idol. Others have been admitted to top conservatories such as New York University, Berklee College of Music and University of Michigan.



“I have known Cathy for over 20 years.  Not only is she a terrifically talented performer and singer, she has become an invaluable technical resource for me throughout my career.  I seek out Cathy's advice first, before "going it on my own"., she ALWAYS has helpful ideas or advice to get me through whatever I may be facing. Cathy has a way of immediately understanding your particular situation, breaking it down, and making the solution easy to understand and perform! I honestly don't know where I would go to get similar professional, yet personal instruction for the countless challenges I face on a daily basis in my profession."


- Les Lankhorst

Lighting & Technical Director

After evaluating your voice and needs, I will help you develop a voice that exudes strength, control and your unique style. My goal is a tension free sound that is sustainable. You will benefit from improved confidence and a game plan for setting and reaching high - and realistic -  goals as a performer. 


We meet weekly at a minimum, for at least six weeks, to refine your technique, boost your skills and enhance your stage presence. Lessons can be held online or in person (in Richmond, Virginia). Lessons are recorded for you to practice at home on your own, at your convenience. This is a great way for you to review what we worked on and implement the techniques you are learning.

Voice Coaching For Performers
Voice Coaching For Performers

Working with me you will improve on all dimensions of your performance.

  • ​Self-confidence and poise

  • Sight singing skills

  • Free and flowing breath technique

  • Improved stage presence

  • A stronger, healthier voice ​

  • Voice and body control ​

  • Ability to communicate your sound ​

  • A tension free sound

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