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On Pitch Speech Coaching Cathy Motley Fitch

My life’s purpose is to educate,  transform and inspire people to uncover their most powerful voice and communicate effectively.

On Pitch Speech Coaching helps individuals develop a powerful speaking presence that enables them to engage, inspire and persuade.


Hi, I’m Cathy Motley-Fitch, a speech coach  for individuals and teams, and the founder of On Pitch Speech Coaching, LLC, a speech and public speaking consulting practice located in Richmond, Virginia. I work locally and globally to help emerging and established leaders, entrepreneurs and action-takers solve their voice and presence challenges when communicating either online or in-person, in a one-on-one meeting or in front of a crowd. I also coach singers who want to stand out and be noticed.

Cathy Motley Fitch

I belong to a small category of speech coaches with deep  experience and a lengthy list of results. I’ve spent years personally mentoring business leaders and change makers, as well as singers and performers. My clients come to me hungry to captivate audiences, inspire listeners into action and become at ease in any public speaking arena.


As  a speech  coach, I identify clients’ authentic voices and help them uncover their  most powerful presence.

I’ve educated more than 1,000 clients on the power of their voice. They now confidently appear online and in-person on stages, podcasts, and in boardrooms to command attention and inspire audiences and teams to action. Besides my work as a speech coach, I teach singers how to stand out on stage. I am also a speaker and advocate for effective communication for patient safety in healthcare through Lola’s Song Project and Lola’s Pledge


Across the past 20 years, I have worked as a speech coach, performer and music director. In addition to my work with private clients, my skills have been utilized at organizations such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Cedar Faire’s Kings Dominion, the Miss America Organization, Virginia Opera and in corporations, school systems, university and healthcare settings across the nation. Clients love my fun, relaxed approach to creating a signature voice that helps them speak with ease and uncover their natural, dynamic presence to engage others and command attention.  

Fun Fact:

Even though I have been a performer for more than 25 years, I wasn’t always able to stand confidently on a stage. As a matter of fact……at my very first piano recital, I ran crying out the doors before I ever played a note. I remember walking up the stairs to the stage and seeing an extremely large grand piano. While moving toward the piano bench, I sighted a sea of monstrous faces and completely forgot what I was supposed to play. None of the faces looked familiar (even though my ENTIRE family was on the front row) and I ran off the stage, through the aisle and out the backdoor!

On Pitch Speech Coaching Cathy Motley Fitch

Despite getting off on the wrong foot, I persevered. I started performing…

in the church choir and spent years training in piano, dance and voice. I received a degree in vocal performance and moved to NYC, constantly auditioning and spending time with my cousin, a professional opera singer, and his wife, who happened to be the Assistant Choral Master of the Metropolitan Opera. I received quite an education listening to Rene Flemming and passing Placido Domingo in the lunch line! 


As a performer, I toured the world performing onboard luxury cruise liners around the world, from Fiji to Abu Dhabi, and in National tours across the U.S.  Regionally, I performed in roles such as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, the Narrator in “Joseph...Dreamcoat", as a vocalist for Virginia Opera and The Richmond Divas, on TV commercials, voice overs and infomercials.

After I started a family, I began working behind the scenes…….

I opened a Voice Studio to train singers for auditions, upcoming roles, and talent and presence portions of The Miss America Pageant System. I music directed for Royal Caribbean, Virginia Repertory Theatre, and Cedar Faire theme parks.

A surprisingly common thread among the singers whom I coached was a lack of confidence in their ability to express themselves clearly in interviews and auditions.

I expanded my practice to include speech coaching, first for performers and then for anyone who wanted help communicating effectively.


What I found was that the same techniques that I used with performers to help them transform their ability to bring a song to life, translated to work off the stage. Anyone with a story to tell or message to communicate could benefit from the work I was doing in my studio. Using vocal control, inflection, pacing, rhythm, projection, body alignment, breath work and a confident mindset anyone can transform their ability to communicate.

Cathy Motley Fitch

With more than 20-years’ experience as a speech coach, music director, performer and emcee, I now work holistically with individuals and groups to craft and polish their presence. I have experience using many different techniques to coach clients including:

  • Voice and presentation assessments

  • Body scanning and posture correction

  • Physical warm ups and other exercises

  • Breathwork

  • Mindset work*

  • Vocal warm ups and exercises

  • Practice with on camera and in person presentations

  • Voice projection

  • Tone, rhythm, inflection, volume and pacing

The result of my work is clients who are empowered and confident in their speaking presence and who have the ability to communicate their message and connect with others.

On Pitch Speech Coaching

Do you want to......

  • Authentically connect with audiences

  • Inspire others to connect with your message

  • Raise your profile

  • Captivate the attention of listeners 

  • Persuade others to action

  • Engage your team members, colleagues, clients and others you want to influence​​

  • Amplify your presence online and in person

Book a complimentary 15-minute call with Cathy now.

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