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On Pitch Custom Communication Coaching

Custom Communication Coaching

Cathy is available for written critiques, one-on-one training, team coaching, on-site coaching, seminars, workshops, and as a guest teacher.

Her speech coaching and techniques can be customized for individuals, groups or events and may include the following:

  • Appearance and style

  • Importance of body language and postural control

  • Improving diction, speech pacing and inflection

  • Handling tough questions

  • Crafting your message

  • Interview techniques for podcasters and broadcasters

  • Creating a confident mindset 

  • Script interpretation

  • Creating and landing an elevator pitch

  • How to give a speech like a story

  • Teleprompter training

  • Intra-team communication

  • Know your audience

  • Vocal quality and technique training

On Pitch Custom Communication Coaching with Cathy Motley Fitch
On Pitch Custom Communication Coaching

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