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On Pitch One on One Speech Coaching

One on One Speech Coaching

Emerging and established leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who want to:

  • speak effectively

  • stand out and be recognized

  • motivate teams into action

  • advance within their organizations...

will benefit from a one-on-one consultation with Cathy.


Cathy structures her work with individuals through four different service offerings:

If you want to uncover your most dynamic presence and signature voice, or are tired of being misunderstood, spoken over and unheard, then an On Pitch Speech Coaching consultation is for you.

Investment in speech coaching is an investment in yourself that will last a lifetime.

On Pitch One on One Speech Coaching


12 Week 1:1 Speech Coaching Package

One on one speech coaching with Cathy Motley-Fitch takes place weekly over Zoom and includes three months of dedicated, on-demand support through Voxer messaging.

12 Week

Overview :

For those serious about transforming their speaking skills, there is no better investment than a focused, one-on-one package. Together with Cathy, you will design a signature presence to help you connect with any audience, on or off camera.


Cathy works with individuals to spotlight their unique personalities and talent while coaching them on the skills necessary to better perform with a sense of style and dynamism. Cathy tailors her strategies to fit your needs and goals and to meet you where you are. 

On Pitch One on One Speech Coaching

You will receive:


  • 12 virtual or in-person meetings with Cathy for 50 minutes each

  • Detailed voice and presence evaluation

  • Understanding your established speaking habits and their effects on your voice, body and how you are perceived 

  • Learn to incorporate Cathy’s strategies to build a powerful voice that you can control

  • Uncover your authentic, most powerful presence 

  • Learn vocal and body warm ups to create your optimum sound.

  • Learn to avoid unhealthy habits that are a detriment to your voice and your body

  • Intensive practice speaking on and off camera

  • Learn how to deliver an engaging presentation virtual or in-person

What makes working with Cathy Unique:

  • Summaries of each session with key learnings via writing or Voxer to  refer back to and guide you moving forward 

  • Innovative exercises and tasks designed to keep you thinking about the work we do each week, create attainable goals and help you recreate learned sounds independently

  • Recordings uploaded for your review

  • Check-ins regularly for accountability

  • Twice weekly Voxer support between calls including feedback and reviews

  • Limitless encouragement and motivation

On Pitch One on One Speech Coaching with Cathy Motley Fitch

After working with Cathy you will be able to:

  • Control the sound of your voice

  • Connect with and captivate listeners

  • Command the room

  • Increase your impact in interactions

  • Effectively communicate the value of your services, business or mission

  • Engage, inspire and persuade others

  • Develop a clear and consistent voice to use throughout your branding

  • Increase your influence

Those who engage in social media promotion, podcasts and video will uncover their signature voice to captivate audiences and sound like an industry leader.

Click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call with Cathy

Research shows only 7% of a message is conveyed through the actual words or content, 38 % is conveyed through one’s tone of voice and 55% of messaging is communicated through body language.

On Pitch One on One Speech Coaching
On Camera Presence Critique

The On Camera Presence Critique is a 1:1 consult to review your video presentation or reel for feedback and detailed suggestions for improvement.

On Camera Presence Critique

Engaging Cathy for an on-camera presence critique ensures you will understand where you excel and need improvement for a presence that captivates and a video that engages.

  • You will send Cathy your draft video presentation at least one week in advance of your meeting with her. 

  • You will receive a Zoom link for your designated one-hour consultation 

  • In your consultation, we will discuss ways to improve your video to capture attention, engage audiences and move them to action. 

  • I will answer any  questions relating to your video content  at this time.


What you can expect:


  • An improved video reel that stands out

  • A more captivating on camera presence

  • Better client conversion  

  • Voice and presentation that is interesting, not boring

  • Tips on lighting, sound and background for a better virtual presentation

Does your reel or your on-camera speaking presence need a little polish? If you want a more dynamic presence, struggle to understand why your videos seem boring and don’t convert, or are unsure which part of your too-long, video to cut, then this consultation is for you.

Click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call with Cathy


DEMO REEL CRITIQUE DISCLAIMER - I do not edit your video. Critique is given with the expectation that you will implement the suggested changes. I can refer you to experienced video editors for implementation as needed.

- Half Day Speech Strategy Session
Working from Home
Half Day Speech Strategy Session

A half-day voice and presence strategy session with Cathy includes a four hour consultation where you receive a personal evaluation as we work together on a speech, presentation, sales pitch, audio talk, video performance, audition or other topic of your choice.

“Cathy helped me find my signature voice and presence as a leadership development coach and consultant. Because of her, I was able to see the integration of the different parts of myself that I use to help clients. She helped me find clarity to communicate who I am and what I do. I highly recommend Cathy for anyone looking to find their signature voice and presence!"


- Yedda Stancil

Overview :

This consultation is an individualized speech coaching strategy session customized to fit your unique needs. Cathy will evaluate your voice and customize your pitch to convey confidence, charisma and authority. You will practice your content and you will work together to polish it and your ability to deliver it effectively.

Half-day sessions may be done online or in person (in the greater Richmond, VA area or beyond for an additional fee). 


The techniques you learn in our half-day together will have immediate and lasting results.

On Pitch One on One Speech Coaching

You will receive:

  • 4-hour strategy session to ensure your message is clear, your voice is strong and your presence is engaging

  • Customized template to determine audience, ideal clients, problems, solutions and your unique offering

  • Feedback and evaluation of your speech or other content

  • Methods to create a clear, concise message.

  • Body and alignment exercises for a powerful, yet approachable presence

  • Voice techniques for a stronger voice when speaking

  • Improvement on your public speaking skills to show authenticity and authority

On Pitch One on One Speech Coaching

It is completely possible for you to engage, impact and inspire others through the sound of your voice. 


Cathy will support you personally every step of the way and create a personalized strategy that will enable you to meet your goals.


*Packages available for teams working together on a presentation

Click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call with Cathy

On Pitch One on One Speech Coaching
The Speaker’s Mini Toolkit


For those who want a self-guided tool to help them up their communication game, the Speaker’s Mini Toolkit may be a good fit. 

The Speaker’s Mini Toolkit
The Speaker’s Mini Toolkit is a series of three online modules, complete with video content and worksheets. It may be purchased in a basic version for $99 or in a comprehensive package for $295 that includes both an up-front assessment of your communication style conducted by Cathy personally and a close-out call to assess progress and recommend next steps.

Are you tired of:

  • shying away from speaking opportunities or stressing about them nonstop

  • beating yourself up when you know you've not communicated your message well

  • spending too much time, energy and resources trying to solve your speaking challenges on your own (or ignoring the problem altogether)

On Pitch One on One Speech Coaching

Most professionals aren’t trained how to use their voice for speaking in leadership roles.


Communication requires both confidence and skill to get a message across effectively. Lack of confidence, little to no understanding of how to use your voice as a tool to project clearly and articulate your message with confidence:  these things can hold you back and make speaking stressful. 


The Speaker’s Mini Toolkit can jumpstart your ability to speak effectively and ensure that your message is heard.

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