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Team Building for Healthcare

Cathy provides a fun and supportive space for medical practitioners to gain clarity around their challenges, individually and as a team, increase collaboration and engagement and teaches skills in awareness and effective communication to help your healthcare system achieve its goals.

“Cathy has the wherewithal to imagine a project, and the strength to carry it out with a team of medical professionals. It was amazing.”


– Tracey Hoke, MD

Chief of Quality & Performance Improvement University of Virginia Health System.

Lola´s Song Project
Medical Staff

Lola´s Song Project:

Lola's Song Project brings a creative twist to traditional team building using music to impact collaboration in efforts to improve patient safety by increasing effective communication between providers, patients and families. Participants experience a marked growth in leadership, teamwork, empathy and fun. In person (in the greater Richmond, VA area or beyond for an additional fee).


Click here to learn more or Contact Cathy to schedule a custom date for your team.

You will:


  • Spend 3 - 5 hrs. in an innovative workshop collaborative working towards a common goal

  • Break into small groups

  • Discuss, partner and create a product using music

  • Present your product to the group

  • Reflect on ways for a renewed intent of practice or performance

The impact you can expect:

  • improved focus on patient safety

  • better patient outcomes

  • decrease in medical errors

  • increased productivity and collaboration

  • conversation and skill building using music 

  • learned skills for positive outcomes

  • increased team success by spotlighting individuals’ talents

  • a memorable product to describe your renewed intent of practice for successful results 

  • learn leadership skills

  • joy to take back to work culture

Group communication coaching with Cathy is a collaborative process where together we articulate your challenges, identify your goals and develop a plan of action for your teams to excel. 

Contact Cathy to schedule a custom date for your group.

On Pitch Team Speech Coaching
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