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The Speakers Mini Toolkit  Basic

The Speakers Mini Toolkit is a simple step-by-step course that will introduce you to vocal techniques that help you connect with your authentic way of speaking in public, engage and inspire your audience, and fill you with confidence that you can do this. 


With this toolkit, you will:


  • Get short, fun videos because I know you're a busy professional, and that's why I've broken down these teachings into short, fun videos that you can do with little time

  • Do fun bite-sized homework assignments and practice exercises: Learning has to be fun to stick. Working on your voice and noticing improvements with fun exercises will keep you motivated to keep going

  • Study at your own pace online: These lessons will be available online for you to review whenever you need you. More than this, you can always dive in for a refresher when you need you.

  • Reduce your speaking anxiety

  • Start looking forward to more in speaking opportunities

  • Be seen and heard, as the expert you are!

The Speakers Mini Toolkit Basic

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